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Job Title: SJ: L'Arche St. Louis
Location: St. Louis
State: Missouri
Position Description:
2900 Marshall Avenue
Maplewood, Missouri  63143
L’Arche St. Louis is an intentional faith community based upon a home for developmentally disabled adults and the live-in assistants who share life together. The home of eight persons (assistants and “core” members combined) is located in Maplewood. There is an extended community of friends who attend fellowship nights at the home. The life of the home is based upon mutual relationships between the care-givers and individuals with disabilities who learn from each other. The local community is a member of a Federation of L’Arche communities world-wide in existence for fifty years founded by spiritual writer/thinker, Jean Vanier.  There are eighteen such communities in the United States.

At L’Arche, field ed students spend time in daily activities in the home with core members and assistants. This time includes the prayer-life of the home, formation in the spirituality of L’Arche, building relationships of trust, discussions with core members and assistants of a pastoral nature, and reflection with L’Arche members on their spiritual journey. 

*L’Arche provides CPR training and basic in-house training
*Missouri Family Care Safety Registry background check

Schedule: Flexible.  We are here 24/7.

Number ot positions: 1

Past Aquinas Institute Interns at this site:
John Paul Albin, OP (FA2015, SP2016)
Brent Bowen, OP (SP2016)
Paula Kilcoyne, MSW in collaboration with Mr. Ted Agniel
314-799-2888 |

Supervisory approach of Paula Kilcoyne: Twice monthly I would sit down with the intern for 30 minutes to discuss learnings and growth possibilities for the intern at L’Arche. I would review their theological reflection papers with them. I would also give them reading material from L’Arche and offer feedback from my experience to further enlighten the intern’s time with us. I like to ask questions and also offer affirmation and the occasional challenge to grow and make the most of their time by building these relationships of trust with the community members.

Supervisor biographical statement:

Paula Kilcoyne, a St.Louis native, spent twenty-five years in Toronto, Canada as a member of and leader in the L’Arche community there called “Daybreak.” Paula has a Masters of Social Work from the University of Toronto. She became the Community Leader for L’Arche St. Louis in October 2014.  Paula is married with four school-age children.

Mr. Ted Agniel is a board member for L’Arche and has a MA in Theology from Aquinas Institute of Theology.

March 2016

Required Qualifications:
Desired Qualifications:
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