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Job Title: Parish Ministry: St. Pius V Catholic Church (STL)
Location: St. Louis
State: Missouri
Position Description:

St. Pius V Catholic Church
3310 South Grand Blvd.
St. Louis, MO   63118
Tel: 314-772-1525 | Fax:  314-772-5615

The parish mission statement: "St. Pius V is an urban faith community composed of diverse people. Rooted in our neighborhood and with doors open to all, we gather to praise God, proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ, foster spiritual growth, teach our children and love one another. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, we work for peace and justice in our city and our world."

St. Pius V Catholic Church is located in the heart of South St. Louis City, in the South Wedge area of the Tower Grove East Neighborhood. Situated at the corner of South Grand Boulevard and Utah Street, St. Pius V serves as an anchor to the neighborhood and to the thriving business district located along South Grand Boulevard.

St. Pius V began humbly over a century ago as an Irish immigrant church, and by World War II had grown to be one of the largest, most prestigious parishes in the Archdiocese of St. Louis. The post-war baby boom swelled its membership and school enrollment, and prompted expansion and improvements of the church and grounds by the mid-1950's. As St. Pius neared its centennial, it closed its school and merged with another to form St. Frances Cabrini Academy in 2003.
Today, St. Pius V is home to nearly 500 diverse Catholic households: a mix of old, young, families, singles, refugees, immigrants, longtime city residents, and folks who travel from the county and beyond. It is known throughout the Archdiocese and the city for its vibrant worship, its social outreach, especially to immigrants and refugees, its welcoming spirit, and its faithful stewardship. Over a century after its founding, St. Pius V is still a vibrant and growing parish, looking to the future with faith!

Ministry Practicum Possibilities:            
A student intern could assist with developing evangelization, outreach, young adult and adult faith formation opportunities. St Pius has a well-known immigrant and refugee ministry and works with the elderly and homebound as well.

*For the practicum to be mutually beneficial, the intern should be Catholic.
*Each intern is required to have the Missouri criminal background screening completed with the results received before the semester begins.
*Students who are residents of Illinois must also have the Illinois criminal background screening completed with the results received prior to the start of the semester.
*The student must attend the Archdiocesan workshop Protecting God's Children prior to working in the parish if she/he plans to work with children, the elderly or other vulnerable adults.


Dependent on ministry; worked out with supervisor before practicum.

Number of Positions Available: 1             

Past Aquinas Interns at This Site:
Br. Thomas Mary Wagaman, OP (FA17-SP18)

Fr. Paul J. Niemann, Pastor
314-772-1525, Ext. 207

 Reviewed April 2018

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