Identity, Vision, & Mission

Identity Statement

As a Roman Catholic graduate school of theology and ministry, Aquinas Institute of Theology carries forward an 800-year Dominican tradition that serves the Dominican Family, local churches, and religious communities through its commitments to priestly and Catholic leadership formation, preaching education, and ecumenical and interreligious dialogue. Aquinas Institute teaches men and women, lay, religious, and ordained, to be hopeful about their faith, faithful to the Church, and servants to God’s people in the world. Aquinas Institute is a generous innovator in collaborating with others to teach and to practice theology as a fruit of contemplation, a resource for life, and a ministry to the Church and wider world.

Vision Statement

As a collaborative ministry of the Order of Preachers—Sacra Praedicatio, a Holy Preaching—we will:

  • Teach from within our rich Catholic and Dominican Tradition;
  • Companion students in their human, spiritual, intellectual and pastoral formation;
  • Engage dialogue and forge strategic partnerships across diverse theological, cultural, and religious communities, both face-to-face and online;
  • Preach in the footsteps of Dominic, teach in the spirit of Aquinas, and lead with the passion of Catherine of Siena;
  • Celebrate 800 years of Dominicans doing something new: Theology for Life!

Mission Statement

Impelled by the Catholic faith and the Dominican mission, Aquinas Institute of Theology educates men and women to preach, to teach, to minister, and to lead.