Job Title: Administrative Assistant to Catholic Health Association
Location: St. Louis
State: Missouri
Position Description:

The Catholic Health Association (located in St. Louis, near the airport) is looking for a qualified person who could assist with liturgical and sacristy work on a per diem basis.

CHA is an association for Catholic Health Care facilities that conducts regular meetings in St. Louis and throughout the country. They always hold at least one Eucharistic liturgy during our programs. The person in question will work with members of the mission team to develop liturgies, choose music, contact various diocesan offices of worship, cantors, musicians, etc. This individual would come to the office on an as-needed basis to monitor and maintain liturgical supplies and prepare them for shipment to the meeting sites.

The amount of work would probably amount to three or four days per month, and would be paid by the hour. Persons qualified and interested in this work can contact Sister Patricia Talone, RSM, Vice President of Mission Services at: Please send a resume and list availability for an appointment.

Patricia Talone, RSM, PhD
Vice President, Mission Services
Catholic Health Association
4455 Woodson Road
St. Louis, MO 63134-3797


Required Qualifications:


Desired Qualifications:


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