Alumni Association

Aquinas Institute's 2011 Graduates from the Doctor of Ministry in Preaching program

For many, graduation from Aquinas Institute of Theology marks the beginning for a myriad of ministries and callings. Over the years Aquinas graduates have discovered the joys of ministry in many areas either by working in parishes, shelters, high schools, colleges, and universities, prisons, serving as hospital administrators, or serving as directors in dioceses. AI graduates are well-equipped to respond to their calling to preach, to teach, to minister, and to lead our church. In fact, Aquinas Institute's graduates minister in all 50 states and other parts of the world.

The Aquinas Alumni Association offers alums the opportunity to remain connected to Aquinas Institute through community, faith sharing and prayer.

Call George Boudreau at (314) 256-8801 or send email to with questions.

Alumni Gatherings and Events

The Alumni Association sponsors occasional gatherings for AI alums to reconnect, share theological conversation and engage in reflection.

Alumni Lecture Series

The Alumni Lecture Series is held four times a year at Aquinas Institute of Theology. This event is an educational opportunity for AI alums to share in theological conversation with a current faculty member.

The Alumni Newsletter

The Alumni Newsletter is sent out twice a year and features many articles from alumni and faculty spotlight, a letter from the President, graduation events, alumni gatherings, and resource information. Look for a copy to hit your mailbox soon!

Alumni Phone-A-Thon

The Alumni Phone-A-Thon is held every year in June. It is a chance for the alumni to give back to the school in multiple capacities, either by donating during the phone-a-thon or by volunteering their gift of gab to help in raising funds. For more information, please feel free to email George Boudreau at or call (314) 256-8801.

Annual Retreat

The Alumni Assocation hosts an annual retreat for all alumni at Aquinas Institute of Theology as a chance to engage in prayer and reflection together as an alum community. The annual retreat will be held during the winter of Ordinary time 2012. More information to come.

If you have topics to suggest for any of the gatherings, or would like to provide other input or ask questions, please send an email to

Alumni E-Mail List

You can stay abreast of upcoming alumni events by signing up for the Aquinas alumni email list. Local alumni will also receive a letter announcing gatherings and scheduled topics for reflection and discussion.




References and Resources
Additional resources for alumni, including prayer guides and a list of professional ministerial organizations, may be found on our reference tools page.