Ann Garrido, D.Min.

  • Associate Professor of Homiletics


  • D.Min. in Preaching (Aquinas Institute of Theology, 2003)
  • M.Div. (Aquinas Institute of Theology, 1999)
  • B.A. (Kalamazoo College, 1991)

“In order to make sure that what I teach about ministry is always in touch with the daily reality of the Church, I try to remain active in parish life. On Sunday mornings, I do catechesis with the nine to twelve year olds. Pondering with them the mystery of life and listening to their insights continues to give me whole new ways of understanding the Christian message and sparks the questions I bring to the discipline of theology”

I first became serious about theology in my senior year of college. I was completing a twelve-week research project in Kenya on the history of the Catholic Church’s missionary activity in East Africa. I had begun the effort as a history major, when suddenly I realized that I really wanted to be a theology major. Of course, it was a little late to switch degree programs at that point, but the project did set me on the right direction for my future. Following college, I taught religion for four years at the middle and high school level on the island of Guam in Micronesia. The experience of teaching continued to surface many theological and pastoral questions for me. I decided to move back to the States to pursue graduate school.

As a theology student, I could never find one area of theology that interested me more than another. I loved them all! The same remains true now. Having served as field education director for seven years, I am very interested in ministry formation. What kinds of experiences best prepare one for ministry? What should one know? What skills should one possess? As a married woman and mother, I am very interested in the theology of marriage and parenting. What does it mean to work out one’s salvation in the context of family life? As a preacher, I am intrigued by ways of connecting scripture to the daily life of a congregation. How does one use words to paint a beautiful picture of the Reign of God?

At present, however, my professional energies are focused mostly in two directions. One is the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, a Montessori-based religious formation program for children, beginning at the age of three. CGS seeks to create and facilitate a “hands-on” environment for children called an atrium, in which both children and adult catechists can hear, ponder, and celebrate the most essential mysteries of the Christian faith together. I have been involved in CGS since 1996. In 2006, we were able to launch at Aquinas the first ever masters in CGS in collaboration with the National Association of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. As director of the MAPS-CGS program, I have the privilege of working with other catechists from all over the United States, helping them to access the kind of advanced scriptural and liturgical study that can serve their own spirituality and their work with children. . There are approximately 20 graduates and 20 current students completing their studies in this concentration. They are doing amazing catechetical work in parishes and schools around the nation – from Arizona to Massachusetts, North Carolina to Norway, and a variety of places in between. Several have also assumed significant leadership roles in the CGS associations of the U.S. and Canada, helping the movement to grow nationally and internationally. I am so intensely proud to know them!

My second major professional interest at the current moment involves the spirituality of administration. Having held a variety of administrative positions over the past twelve years on the faculty, I am interested in how one can pursue a life of virtue as an administrator, while maintaining a healthy sense of balance in the rest of one’s life. Although there has been little written on this topic, I’ve discovered that there is tremendous interest surrounding it. In the past couple years, I’ve had the privilege of reflecting on this topic with administrators from the National Conference of Catechetical Leaders and the dioceses of San Francisco, Green Bay, Belleville, Evansville, as well as numerous pastoral and school staffs in the greater St. Louis area.

Professional Affiliations

  • Senior Editor, Human Development
  • Formation Committee, National Association of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

Books published

  • The Theology of Priesthood [co-edited with Fr. Don Goergen] (Liturgical Press, 2000)
  • Mustard Seed Preaching (LTP, 2005)
  • A Concise Guide to Supervising a Ministry Student (Ave Maria Press, 2008)

Selected Publications/Presentations

  • The Theology of Priesthood [co-edited with Fr. Don Goergen] (Liturgical Press, 2000)
  • Mustard Seed Preaching (LTP, 2005)
  • A Concise Guide to Supervising a Ministry Student (Ave Maria Press, 2008)
  • “The Sign of the Cross,” Words of Faith Series. Notre Dame, IN: Ave Maria Press, 2009
  • “More Than a Desk Job,” America Magazine. July 6-13, 2009
  • “The Supervision of Pastoral Ministry Students: An Interview with Ann Garrido,” (with Robert Hamma) Human Development, Summer 2009
  • “Conversation Peace: Practicing What We Preach in Resolving Conflicts,” (with Sheila Heen) America Magazine, January 4-11, 2010
  • “Honoring the Mystery of Time in Formation,” The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Journal, 2010
  • “Man and Woman, Together in Ministry,” Human Development. Spring 2011
  • “Eucharist and Children in the Catholic Church,” Occasional Papers, Center for Children and Theology, Spring 2011