A word that has become more and more common in religious writing and discussion in the last twenty-five years is “spirituality.” Writers in this field of study offer various definitions for spirituality, but a simple description that can be helpful in living the Christian life is to understand it as the way we put into practice what we believe; how we live our faith in the daily thoughts, words and actions of our lives. If we believe that we are called to love and forgive one another, how do we incorporate that belief in our human relationships, especially with the significan... [Read More...]
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Rev. Seán Charles Martin Paul’s letter to Philemon is the shortest letter that Paul ever wrote.  And while it does not address the great theological themes of his longer letters, themes like justification by faith, or the gifts of the Spirit in the life of the Church, or hope in the promised return of the Lord, the letter to Philemon gives us an intriguing glimpse into the mind of a man who, despite his own serious problems, takes the time and makes the effort to save someone whose difficulties are at least as serious as his own.  Paul is in prison as he writes this le... [Read More...]
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A dynamic personal spirituality embraces those sacred moments when God enters into our lives to bring care and healing. Becoming aware of these occasions enables us to enrich and bring greater meaning to the pilgrimage that we call our faith life. Spirituality can be described as how we humans put into practice what we value and believe, in our hearts and minds, into our everyday lives. It is how we attempt to live out what is most important to us through our words and actions, within ourselves and in our relationships, in work and play. Christian spirituality is focused on ... [Read More...]
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Welcome! The purpose of this journal is to offer reflections by the Aquinas Institute community on theological, spiritual and ministerial topics that have contemporary relevance in the Church, our society and throughout the world. The title refers both to the ongoing important contribution that Aquinas Institute of Theology makes to the intellectual life of the Church-we believe that what AI stands for and offers to others matters-and to reflections regarding what matters to Christian believers today.

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