The St. Rose of Lima Society

2013 St. Rose of Lima Society Honorees Announced

Aquinas Institute of Theology is pleased to announce the 2013 honorees for the  St. Rose of Lima Society, five women whose lives and ministries bear witness to the pillars of Dominican spirituality: Preaching, Prayer, Study, and Community.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Dee Joyner

Pillars of Dominican Spirituality

Doctor Barbara Blackburn

Sister Pat Bober, C.S.J.

Sister Carol Lehmkuhl, O.P.

Sandra Wilson

Please join us as we honor these women at the annual St. Rose of Lima Society luncheon, to be held Thursday, March 21, 2013, at 11:30 am, at the Palladium - Saint Louis, 1400 Park Place, Saint Louis, Missouri 63104.

For more information regarding the award luncheon, contact:
St. Rose of Lima Society
Aquinas Institute of Theology, 23 So. Spring Ave., St. Louis, MO 63108
or by e-mail to For questions, please call 314.256.8877.

The St. Rose of Lima Society was founded to recognize and honor those women who exemplify the pillars central to Dominican spirituality. These pillars are: preaching, prayer, study and community. Compelled by Catholic faith and the Dominican tradition, and following in the example of St. Rose of Lima, the members of the St. Rose of Lima Society are true witnesses to the ministry of Jesus Christ today.

A St. Rose of Lima Society member will exemplify at least one of the following Dominican pillars of spirituality:

Preaching – works to spread of the good news of God through her daily life and ministry. She is a luminous and effective witness of the Gospel.

Prayer – views personal contemplation and the scriptures as the source of God’s truth, and has a deep devotion to various forms of daily prayer.

Study – dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, viewing the benefit of learning as a method to deepen the understanding of truth.

Community – values sharing and integrating her life and faith with people. By respecting, celebrating and participating in society, she connects with the living body of Christ.