Awards & Lectures

Aquinas Institute of Theology presents several special events each year which highlight the school's commitment to furthering the homiletic, ministerial and theological mission of the Church.

  • Great Preacher Award
    The annual Great Preacher Award is presented to an outstanding preacher whose pastoral leadership has made the Catholic community stronger.
  • St. Rose of Lima Society
    The purpose of the St. Rose of Lima Society is to recognize and honor those women who exemplify the pillars central to Dominican spirituality.
  • Aquinas Lecture
    This annual lecture, in honor of St. Thomas Aquinas, spotlights theologians speaking on current topics in theology and ministry.
  • Catherine of Siena Excellence in Ministry Award
    Recognizing the contribution of lay people in the Church, Aquinas Institute established this award to highlight what the Church can accomplish when it calls upon the gifts of all its members.