Graduate Certificate in Thomistic Studies

The Thomistic Studies Certificate is designed for people interested in a focused study of the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas at the graduate level. The certificate is an 18-credit-hour program composed of six courses (three credits each) in philosophy. Ordinarily students will be currently in graduate programs at Aquinas Institute or one of the other consortium schools. This certificate can be completed concurrently with other degree programs.

The six courses will be offered in a three-year cycle of one course a semester. Some courses will be offered more frequently to allow for more admission points. Occasionally a summer course may be offered.

This concentration in Thomistic Studies will provide students of the consortium schools a unique opportunity for a sustained study of Thomas Aquinas in a Dominican theological context. Students with specialties in medieval philosophy and history will find that this program contributes significantly to their areas of interest. Theologians who may wish to round out their appropriation of early and contemporary theology will find this program helpful as well.

What would the study of Thomistic theology add to my understanding?

Thomas' synthesis of theology offers an ordered and comprehensive vision that enables students to think about how individual questions are related to the whole. Moreover, his method of addressing alternative answers rather than postulating only one stretches the thought process and models a methodology.

Is Thomas Aquinas' thought relevant to theology today?

Much of Thomas Aquinas' thought provides foundational principles utilized in the Church's theology today. Observing the way Thomas incorporated the thought of his time into the questions of the Mystery of God revealed in Jesus Christ gives some insight into the theological process, its strengths and limitations, throughout history.

How do I apply?

To apply, contact the office of admissions and follow the instructions contained in the Application for Admission.

Program Content

The 18 hours of required coursework are distributed as follows:

Certificate in Thomistic Studies Course Requirements

Course Title Credit Hours
Introductory Sequence
Use of Philosophy in Theology 3
Thomas Aquinas: Life, Thought, Works 3
Philosophical Foundations of Thomas Aquinas 3
God and Creation (Prima pars) 3
Human Person and Society (Secunda pars) 3
Christ and the Sacrament (Tertia pars) 3

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