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Carla Mae Streeter, OP Aquinas Institute of Theology From the Interdisciplinary Conference Collective Memory in St. Louis: Recollection, Forgetting and the Common Good, “Memory and the Religious Imagination” Fontbonne University and the St. Louis History Museum October 21-23, 2010 Shaping an Adequate Human Anthropology What is imagination? If we are to answer this question, it will be helpful to provide an adequate human anthropology as a context for our answer. The popular trilogy is body, mind, and spirit. But is this adequate? Where are the emotions in such a triad? Are they in... [Read More...]
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Welcome! The purpose of this journal is to offer reflections by the Aquinas Institute community on theological, spiritual and ministerial topics that have contemporary relevance in the Church, our society and throughout the world. The title refers both to the ongoing important contribution that Aquinas Institute of Theology makes to the intellectual life of the Church-we believe that what AI stands for and offers to others matters-and to reflections regarding what matters to Christian believers today.

We hope that what matters to the Aquinas community will also matter to you.