Student Services Provided in Partnership with Saint Louis University

Aquinas Institute's Policy on Accomodations for Students With Disabilities can be found in detail on page 28 of the Student Handbook.

Aquinas Institute acts in partnership with Saint Louis University to provide our students with several services in areas such as disability support, counseling, job application skills and writing skills. These services are provided through the SLU Student Success Center

  • SLU Student Academic Support (writing services, tutoring): 314..977.2930, in the Student Success Center; more information
  • Disability Services: 314.977.3484; Jane Jones, SLU Busch Student Center, Suite 331. more information
  • SLU Career Services: 314.977.2321; SLU Busch Student Center, Suite 331. more information
  • SLU Student Health and Counseling Services: 314.977.2323; Marchetti Towers East; more information
  • SLU Center for Counseling and Family Therapy: 314.977.2505; Fitzgerald Hall, Suite 20.
  • Health Care Plan: Saint Louis University allows all Aquinas Students, even those who are audting, to renroll in their very reasonably-priced helath care plan. Contact Renee Dunham at SLU Health Plan, Marchetti Towers East, 314.977.7168 or 314.977.2323.

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