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Fifty-nine women and men will graduate from Aquinas Institute of Theology on Friday. In the weeks following graduation, they will become theology teachers, retreat directors, hospital chaplains, hospice care providers, and priests, among other things... [Read More...]
Twenty-eight parishes from four dioceses have been selected to participate in the Apollos Project, a five-year initiative intended to foster a greater sense of responsibility among Catholics and ease workloads for pastors. Each parish will identify ... [Read More...]
Was Mary Magdalene more than just a friend to Jesus? Is it possible that the bloodline of Jesus is still alive today? Why do these heresies pop up with such regularity? Much of what author Dan Brown wrote in “The Da Vinci Code” has provoked controver... [Read More...]
Competing for promotions, seeking to pay less and get more, fighting competitors for clients. The person God calls us to be may seem to some professionals to be an ideal rather than a reality. They say the reality – especially in the work world – can... [Read More...]
Was St. Thomas Aquinas a feminist? That is the question Susanne DeCrane will explore at the 23rd annual Aquinas Lecture at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, March 3, in the ballroom of St. Francis Xavier “College” Church. Vespers will precede the lecture at 5 p.m.... [Read More...]
Faculty members at Aquinas Institute of Theology want students to accomplish more than mastery of course content. They want them to develop practices that will sustain them after graduation as people who embody what Christians are called to be. Two ... [Read More...]
Aquinas Institute of Theology, a graduate school on the campus of Saint Louis University, has reached a preliminary agreement with a St. Louis developer to rehab an industrial building in Midtown St. Louis. The space at 3701 Forest Park Parkway will ... [Read More...]
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