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Students from Aquinas Institute of Theology, a seminary and graduate school formerly located on the campus of Saint Louis University, began the spring semester in a newly restored, century-old factory. The building is the first piece in a $50 m... [Read More...]
Marriage in a secular sense can be as simple as a contract—a list of minimal expectations each party must fulfill. Marriage in the sacramental sense is a covenant in which couples are called to discover what God asks of them in their relationsh... [Read More...]
Aquinas Institute will relocate to its new home at 23 South Spring Avenue the week of December 19-23. During this time, it will be difficult to contact us, but we will get operational again as soon as we can. Our new contact information is: 23 Sout... [Read More...]
 The Henry Luce Foundation has awarded Aquinas Institute of Theology in St. Louis a grant to appoint a three-year visiting professor in interreligious theology. The professor will teach courses on world religions, assist colleagues in incorporat... [Read More...]
It happens to almost all of us: We begin a day determined to make each moment a living prayer, an opportunity to live as Jesus calls us to live. Some days we come close; other days, we’ve lost it before we finish our first cup of coffee. Fr. Andrew ... [Read More...]
We are an Easter People and Alleluia is our song. ALLELUIA! You didn’t think that you would hear from a pastoral musician without being asked to sing did you? The song of the people in worship is absolutely the most beautiful musical sound. Se... [Read More...]
In celebration of its move to new quarters in January, Aquinas Institute of Theology will award five special scholarships for full-time study for the Spring 2006 semester. The school will move when the current semester ends and reopen in Janua... [Read More...]
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