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Father Herbert Schlögel, O.P., a colleague of Pope Benedict XVI at the University of Regensburg, and Father Manfred Entrich, O.P., a staff member for the German Bishops’ Conference, will visit Aquinas Institute of Theology in St. Louis from October 2 through October 5, 2007.

Father Schlögel and Father Entrich are co-directors of the Institute for Pastoral Homiletics, a ministry of the north German Dominican Province of Teutonia. In the past two years, Aquinas Institute of Theology has jointly sponsored two events with the Institute for Pastoral Homiletics, both in Leipzig in eastern Germany. In May 2003, Sr. Mary Kay Oosdyke, O.P., as Academic Dean, and Fr. Gregory Heille, O.P., as Professor of Preaching represented the American Catholic Church at a conference on Preaching in Secular Times. In May 2007, Fr. Scott Steinkerchner, as Professor of Interreligious Dialogue, and Sr. Carla Mae Streeter, Professor of Theology, represented the American Church in a conference on Living as Christians in a Moslem environment.

This October, Father Schlögel and Father Entrich will join the Aquinas Institute of Theology faculty to discuss the manner in which lay ministry is being integrated into the ecclesial life of German Catholics, and they will seek insights and perspectives on how the Catholic Church in the United States has likewise incorporated lay ministry. Fathers Schlögel and Entrich also plan to explore ways to intensify cooperation and the continued exchange of ideas over the next two years. 

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