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 The Aquinas Institute recently hosts a group of students, members of cohort 8, for Master of Arts in HealthCare Mission.

The members, from all over the country, were on site for their first introductory intensive class.

The Master of Arts in Healthcare Mission exists to prepare current and future leaders for 21st centry Catholic health care. The program is designed to develop leaders who understand what it means to be part of the healing ministry of the Church – leaders who can work to ensure the vitality and integrity of the ministry into the future. Meeting this challenge requires leaders in Catholic health care who not only grasp the complexities of health care but also have a sound knowledge of the Catholic theological tradition that grounds the ministry. They must be able to communicate that tradition and influence the both future of faith-based health care and the broader systems as well.

The program offers graduate-level education developing:

·         A strong foundation in the Catholic theological tradition particularly as it relates to the healing ministry of Jesus;

·         The ability to identify and implement organizational activities that sustain and nurture Catholic identity while working to bring about systemic change;

·         The ability to help Catholic health ministry think theologically about its future;

·         The ability to grapple with complex ethical, legal, organizational and policy issues in light of the Catholic theological tradition;

·         The personal and spiritual maturity needed to serve as an effective ministry leader in Catholic health care.

The non-residential, internet-enhanced approach enables students to remain employed for the duration of the program. Periods of online study and conversation are accompanied by “Intensive weekends” in St. Louis midway through each course that bring students and faculty together for dialogue, coursework, attention to spiritual formation, and community building.

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