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Aquinas Institute of Theology takes its role as an Accredited School of Theology very seriously, and is currently preparing for the Association of Theological Schools' (ATS) accreditation re-evaluation process that occurs once per decade.

“Every ten years, an evaluation team comes to visit the school, and we all work to prepare an in-depth institutional self-study,” explained Juliet Mousseau, R.S.C.J., Assistant Professor of Church History and faculty director of the self-study. “The self-study includes information on areas such as our academic programs, educational standards of what we require from our students, and curriculum – including faculty background and student resources.  In addition, we evaluate our health as an institution, including our fidelity to our mission, governance structures, and financial well-being.”

In preparation for the Spring 2016 visit of the accreditation team from the ATS, we are continuing the process of our self-evaluation of Aquinas Institute.  Over the summer, the five committees are working on their sections of the study.  In fact, one committee has completed its task!  Much of what the committees do is to transform data into a text that tells the story of who we are at Aquinas, and how we live out our mission.  We have also been finding ways to visualize the data through pie charts and bar graphs.  The members of the steering committee will come together once again in August to determine the next steps for the self-study process.

The accreditation standards are comprised of: General Institutional Standards, General Educational Standards, and Degree Program Standards.  More in-depth information on how Aquinas Institute is meeting those standards will be made available to alumni, students and potential students as the time for evaluation in 2016 draws closer.

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