George Boudreau, O.P.

MA, (Biblical Studies) and M.Div., Aquinas Institute;
Ph.D., Old Testament, Emory University
Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies (Hebrew Scriptures), 1997-present

Dean of Students: 2009-present
Director of Distance Learning: 2009-present
Curriculum Vitae

Experienced teaching

Bible Interpretation, Pentateuch, Prophets, Wisdom Literature, Psalms, Proseminar, Integative Seminar, the Four Gospels, and Biblical Preaching

Specializes in

The formation of the Pentateuch, Prophets, Wisdom Literature, and the Four Gospels

Published on

Prophetic Literature, Pentateuchal Formation, and Theological Integration

Current interests include

The wider, liberative interpretation of the Old Testament, reading “in front of the text,” especially reader-response (liberation theologies) and post-modern hermeneutics, Ricoeur, Gadamer.