Daniel Harris, C.M.

Associate Professor of Homiletics, 2004-
M.Div., DeAndreis Institute of Theology;MA in Speech Communication, University of Southern California
D.Min. in Homiletics, Aquinas Institute of Theology


When people ask what I do for a living, I prefer to tell them who I am—a preacher. Preachers need to see ourselves not as ministers who sometimes preach in addition to our many other duties. We are preachers; it is our identity. That is the approach to this ministry that I have tried to model in the homiletics classroom for nearly 35 years.

As a member of the Congregation of the Mission (Vincentians) it has been a privilege to be a part of the Aquinas faculty collaborating so closely with the Order of Preachers. I received my D.Min. in preaching from Aquinas and am happy to give back a bit of the wisdom I gained here as a student.

Ministry Outside of Aquinas

Each Sunday, I preside and preach at the Eucharist at Sacred Heart Parish in Valley Park. This is perhaps the best part of my week. Although I thoroughly enjoy teaching others to preach, I would rather be preaching than talking about how to preach.

I have presented many lectures and continuing education programs for preachers. This ministry has taken me to Dublin, Ireland, Rome, and American Samoa. Presently, I am part of the Renewing Sunday Preaching team that offers continuing education convocations sponsored by the National Organization for the Continuing Education of Roman Catholic Clergy (NOCERCC).


  • Co-author with Rev. Edward Murphy, C.M.: Overtaken by the Word: The Theology and Practice of Preaching. 1990.
  • We Speak The Word of The Lord: A Practical Plan for More Effective Preaching. Chicago: Acta Publications, 2001.
  • “A Public Voice: Preaching on Justice Issues.” With Rev. Ray John Marek, OMI. Theological Education 38 (2001): 47-59.
  • Consultant and contributor to the video series, Preaching for Today. . .and Tomorrow, produced by St. Meinrad’s Seminary.
  • Writing team for CATH’s first edition of the white paper on criteria for certification of homiletics teachers and model preaching curricula for Roman Catholic seminaries.
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  • “Methods of Assessment.” in Teaching Preaching as a Christian Practice: A New Approach to Homiletical Pedagogy. Ed. Thomas G. Long and Leonora Tubbs Tisdale.
  • A collaborative work with other scholars who participated in the Wabash Indiana Homiletics Conference.
  • Presently working on a preaching resource with Rev. Ray John Marek of Oblate School of Theology. This is an ATS funded project exploring a resource for teaching Biblical Justice in existing homiletics courses.

“I try to enhance learning and teaching with instructional technology, not for the sake of using gadgets, but because I believe these offer enhanced learning opportunities.”