Our Mission: Preparing Ministers for the life of the Church


Our goal: to recruit and train the most talented and devoted lay ministers possible.

The number of professional lay ecclesial ministers, has increased dramatically since the 1990s. These are trained people working full- or part-time in formally recognized positions in a parish along with teachers and support staff. Between 1990 and 2005, the number of lay ecclesial ministers in the U.S. increased an estimated 42%. Studies indicate that 31,000 lay ecclesial ministers currently serve in parishes.

OUR MISSION: Impelled by the Catholic faith and the Dominican mission, Aquinas Institute of Theology educates men and women to preach, to teach, to minister, and to lead.

Aquinas Institute of Theology is a community of learners and scholars committed to tackling the biggest questions people ask—about God and Humanity, life and death, justice and forgiveness, love and loss. We believe that theology is one of the greatest resources humans have when pondering the mysteries of our world.  In our classrooms—on campus and online—we equip students with the knowledge and skills to help people find meaning in the midst of everyday reality.

Our graduates are the ones you will meet in your moments of greatest joy and of deepest need.  They are there for weddings, for births, and baptisms. They are there in the hospital room, and they are also in the boardroom influencing decisions about the future of health care. They stand at the pulpit the day after tragedy strikes. They answer the phone calls that come in the middle of the night.

Our graduates are also the ones that you will meet in ordinary moments of hope. They teach your grandchildren. They lead the local youth group. They are rebuilding homes in Haiti and training catechists in Kolkata.

Aquinas graduates are practical theologians who help modern seekers discover the riches of faith in busy, uncertain times. They currently number over 1700 and they circle the globe. Repeatedly they tell us that our work as a school is not yet done. The Church continues to need schools of theology to sustain ministers in their efforts and to nurture a new generation of preachers, teachers, ministers, and leaders.

We invite you to collaborate with us in building up a Church that is vital, relevant, and engaged in the big questions of our world.

“The partnership between Aquinas Institute and Ascension Health has made it possible for over 250 of our Executives to engage in formation through substantive theology and spirituality. Aquinas Institute has helped us to equip leaders to advance our Mission and lead our Ministry faithfully and effectively into the future. We count on Aquinas Institute for their excellence in theological research and teaching and for the faithfulness of their witness to the Gospel. They are most trusted partners in our work of insuring the integrity of the Catholic Health Ministry.”

Anthony R. Tersigni, EdD, FACHE
President and Chief Executive Officer
Ascension Health Alliance