From the President

I am honored to be sending out this 2013 Annual Report as the new President of Aquinas Institute of Theology. We are sending it in electronic format as we wish to be better stewards of your resources in these challenging economic times. This web-based report enables Aquinas Institute to maintain its commitment to the seventh theme of Catholic Social Teaching: Care of Creation by effectively saving valuable funds while providing you with important and timely information. As you read through this report, you will note that we have highlighted some of our Aquinas faculty, staff, students and alumni who are busy about the work of our Mission: to preach, to teach, to minister, and to lead. They do all of this in a variety of ministry sites throughout the country and around the world. While highlighting them, we also provide an overview of our finances which reflect the Aquinas Institute community’s desire to see our Mission enfleshed in new and innovative ways as we preach and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

On our website ( you will find a link to our Strategic Plan that is emblazoned with not only our Mission Statement but also our Value Statements: Integrity; Excellence; Collaboration; Dialogue; Sustainability; Accountability; Assessment; and Learning Community. These are more than words listed on a page. As we mark our 74th anniversary, we acknowledge that these Values, which were handed on to us by our predecessors, are pertinent to who we are today, and will continue to shape the Aquinas Institute community of the future. In light of these statements, we embrace and re-envision our Dominican (Order of Preachers) heritage, committed to fostering an environment in which all are invited to participate. We do so as a community of learners, engaged in dialogue and rigorous study, seeking to discover the HOLY in life’s deepest questions---all in the pursuit of Veritas (Truth). This pursuit, in the Dominican Catholic intellectual tradition, engages and empowers students, faculty, staff, board members, alumni, and friends of Aquinas Institute to critically think and to compassionately act while serving others.

What you will find in the pages of this report are just a few of the examples of the many important efforts and achievements by Aquinas Institute over the last fiscal year (July 1, 2011-June 30, 2012). We are grateful for the financial gifts from you, our donors and friends, which make the training of future church ministers, both the ordained and lay, possible. I hope the contents of this report will encourage you to remain engaged with Aquinas Institute as we continue to build on our tradition of theological inquiry and pastoral preparedness in ways that make a positive impact on the Church and on the world.

Rev. David G. Caron, O.P., D. Min.